Some Food for Thought

It's the middle of the week and as we are excitedly going through all the summer weddings, inquiries, bookings, etc. There are a few bits of advice I could give to bride's to-be and anyone else looking into planning a wedding. For about 9 months out of the year straight, most venues, caterers and vendors are extremely busy. This is a good thing! If we are busy then we must be doing something right! But that also means patience. Sometimes vendors get so busy and caught up with current events, they may not get back to you that same day. I hear all the time from clients how they contacted so many venues, or vendors and haven't heard back yet. Be patient, if it's been a week maybe send them another e-mail. Make an appointment. Plan ahead. Do not plan your wedding 3 months ahead and expect all your vendors who are in the middle of wedding season to be able to be available to you when you need them. The art of planning ahead seems to have been lost. Plan your wedding one year in advance. This is the best amount of time to get all your affairs in order. We know this is the most exciting moment in your life, the one you have been dreaming about your entire life! Take a moment to plan ahead, do a bit of research, think about some types of venues you would like, food service style, what songs you have to have, where you would like your photo's taken. A bit of planning can go a very long way! If you have absolutely no idea where to even start, call a couple caterers, make an appointment to meet. It's an industry secret but most catering companies have seen all aspects of what it takes to make a wedding happen. We take care of the timing for your day. It's a great place to start your planning and gain a slightly better idea of what you need!

Be prepared, plan ahead, be patient and be realistic. Your wedding will be the most magical day if you do!

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