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Serves 30 guests

Canadian Cheese Platter image

Canadian Cheese Platter

Sliced cheddar and marble accompanied with crackers and baguette. Garnished with fruit.


Vegetable Platter image

Vegetable Platter

A generous selection of fresh vegetables served with dip.


Fruit Platter image

Fruit Platter

A selection of seasonal fresh fruit.


Gluten free
Lactose free
Assorted Mini Sandwich Platter image

Assorted Mini Sandwich Platter

Albacore tuna, egg salad, shaved roast beef, ham and cheese, turkey, and pastrami (48 pieces/tray)


Assorted Mini Wraps Platter image

Assorted Mini Wraps Platter

A selection of grilled pesto chicken, Teriyaki beef, julienne grilled vegetables, and flavored hummus, rolled into spinach and tomato wraps (48 pieces/tray)


Assorted Dessert Platter image

Assorted Dessert Platter

Assorted French Pastries, Cookies, and Tarts (60 pieces/tray)


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